Monday, May 05, 2008

Answering to a higher authority :(

The Feds have spoken.

Many colleges, including the college at which my husband teaches accounting, have long had policies allowing the admission of students with less-than-stellar academic records, on the assumption that a few developmental (read: remedial) courses will enable them to “catch up” academically and earn at least an associate’s degree. The United States federal (national) government recently put its foot down, insisting that colleges are permitted to accept only a certain maximum percentage of these students without losing federal financial aid to students. The result is that, with fewer of these students being admitted, the enrollment at my husband’s college has dropped. Therefore, fewer classes will be offered, and full-time faculty members such as my husband who have frequently been asked to teach—and offered extra pay for—more classes than the standard number required per semester will, in all likelihood, no longer be asked to teach extra classes. Bottom line: My husband expects a reduction in his semi-monthly net pay of approximately $375, almost certainly to take effect in September and possibly as early as July (depending on summer enrollment).


On the plus side, there’ll be less work for the hubster, not to mention less traveling—he’s been known to teach at three different campuses in two different boroughs of New York City in a single day. And I imagine that those subsisting on the current legal minimum wage might well be happy to see the difference between my husband’s base pay and “overload” pay added to their paltry earnings.

Still, we can’t deny that a $375 pay reduction will lighten our wallets considerably. The good times are over. :(


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